160 Burnett St,
Ashburton 7700

03 308 4504
Tues         9am - 8pm
Wed         9am - 8pm
Thur         9am - 8pm
Fri             9am - 5.30pm
Sat            9am - 2pm
Our Story

A Towns DNA


Your DNA

The story behind the DNA Hairdressing Salon is an inspiring one.

DNA Hair Salon Ashburton is a cornerstone of the Mid Canterbury hairdressing industry. It was originally founded in 2006.

Located on 160 Burnett Street within the Holmeslee Square complex, opposite Somerset House, the sleekly designed DNA studio is a place where you can be you.

DNA Hairdressing is owned and operated by Kim Reed, who has enjoyed an exciting career at DNA for 12 years. Ali Officer was the original founder of DNA and still loves working at the salon today. Kim, Ali and the whole team have an amazing synergy as they work together.

Their team of hairdressers and stylists love what they do. They are people-people and they love helping their clients feel their best.

At DNA they specialize in sophisticated style. They fuse their years of experience with youthful enthusiasm to capture the vibe of the energetic Ashburton community.