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DNA Team



Our dna

Our team may just be the friendliest hair salon Canterbury wide. Get to know our amazing hair stylists at DNA Hair Salon, Ashburton.

At DNA Hairdressing our stylists are constantly evolving through professional development, competitions and education.

We’re proud of how our ultra-talented team can recreate any look you want and to the highest standard.

As part of our education you might like to join DNA as a hair model – let us know if you’re interested.


Salon Owner

Kim has been an industry insider for over 12 years working alongside the original creator of DNA. Having moved into salon ownership, Kim now has the opportunity to put her own twist on things. She’s up for the challenge of upholding the salon’s core values while also stretching and recreating new paths for the future. As an ambassador, Kim travelled for two years training stylists around New Zealand. Meeting Tabatha from “Tabatha Takes Over (TV Show) as a Schwarzkopf Ambassador was a feather-in-cap moment for our Kim. Her fave part of her role is helping people feel special every day, as well as for big moments like weddings. She’s incredible at listening to clients then creating a personal style that works for their lifestyle. Kim considers style to be a way of expressing yourself and she describes hers as ‘egdy’ with a touch of ‘hipster-street’. As a little-fry she wanted to make her family proud and do something she loved – and she does exactly that at DNA. Kim’s big-kid goals are to refine that work-life balance while creating a DNA World that clients want to come in to and be a part of.


Salon Manager

With 17 years under her belt, our salon manager Kylee has competed alongside Australia’s best of the best in hairdressing. She loves making her clients feel and look amazing, while her favourite part is doing style transformations. She’s fun, loving, kind and amazing at giving clients a sharp haircut and a new style. You’ll spot Kylee in her own modern, unique, and fashionable style. She loves pop artist P!nk and her unique style too. Kylee’s inspired by her parents and many of the hairdressing industry elite. When she was growing up in Australia she wanted to be a police officer, but hairdressing is where her passion lies. Kylee is all about having happy, healthy children, family and friends.


Style Director

Hailing from the beautiful Bahamas, and as the original founder of DNA, Ali’s inspiring career spans decades. She devoted several years to NZHA competitions both judging and competing and won the title of 2008 Schwarzkopf Professional Southern Hairdresser Of The Year. Her favourite thing about hairdressing is seeing her precious clients every day, helping them look and feel fabulous. Ali’s expertise lies within the challenges of cutting and styling short hair and curly hair. She can give a fashion edge to wearable hairstyles, working in a natural but well shaped way. Her style philosophy is ever-evolving but is mostly classic with a touch of sparkle. Her dream was always to be a hairdresser and her career continues to be more rewarding than she could have ever imagined. Her new goals are to live a big beautiful life, be kind and have fun along the way. Ali is inspired by her parents, Winnie the Pooh and Vidal Sassoon.


Style Director

An accomplished stylist with an impressive string of achievements to show for her work, Hollie is one talented lady. Her style philosophy is creative, fun and natural, which sums up her (delightfully contagious) personality too. She’s beyond competent, having worked as a style director and regional manager for a salon collective, managing 8 salons. While Hollie loves her specialty – colour work – she also has a soft spot for working with apprentices, having trained oodles of up and coming talent over the years. Always willing to take on a new challenge, she draws inspiration from her team at DNA and wider circle of friends. Her dream is to become the best hairdresser she can, while taking time out to travel the world in the process.

On Maternity Leave

Senior Stylist

Kirsty is a qualified and well-requested stylist. Her favourite parts of her role are having fun; with clients, teammates, new techniques and products. She’s exceptional at blonde hair and precise cuts. Kirsty's personal style is modern, fresh and unique. When she was small she wanted to be a vet nurse, but now her focus is on learning more hair techniques and raising a happy healthy family. She’s happy, friendly and finds inspiration in all the people in her life, near and far. Kirsty’s happy place is with family and friends.


Senior Stylist

Qualified for over 5 years, Amber is a frequent hairdressing competition goer. She relishes being a part of the DNA family while creating individual looks and all the good feels for her clients. Amber’s clients are known to discover a level of freedom with their hair, experimenting with free and fun colours. Amber is a superstar with transformative colours that are out of the ordinary. She believes that style is not fitting in with the standard and its more about feeling great as an individual. She dreamed of being a hairdresser since she was a dot and her new goals are to continue her competition success. She’s inspired by anyone who’s quirky and she has a teacup chihuahua called Milo. We love Amber’s creative, friendly and happy personality.

On extended leave

Senior Stylist

She always wanted to be a hairdresser so imagine Debbie’s honour being named ‘Top Student’ during both years of her hairdressing qualification and going on to recieve her full qualification . She loves everything about salon-life from the great team, having a laugh with clients and seeing them all leave with a smile. Style to Debbie means individuality; and having the confidence to be expressive through wearing the quirky and the colourful. Her big dreams now are to continue enjoying her hairdressing career evolution after being encouraged to pursue this career by her incredibly supportive husband and girls in the first place. She’s inspired by the kind, caring and dedicated nature of her Dad while her fam and peers call her generous, fun-loving and considerate.



Shanay’s favourite part of her job is connecting with clients through their stories. She loves being creative with style and relishes all the unique styles of her team mates in-salon. When she was little she wanted to travel and currently she's enjoying each day of her youth! Her Mum is her biggest inspiration and her workmates say she’s happy, bubbly and fun. Most people don’t know that Shanay moved from South Africa 12 years ago. Shanay's looking forward to sitting her final exams early next year and has found her passion lies in colour.



Getting a job at DNA was a dream come true, cause even when Sarah was little, DNA was the coolest hairdresser in town! She loves the bonds she has with her clients and teammates at DNA. You’ll always catch her in a dress while she’s doing some awesome braiding and social media magic. She’s inspired most by her parents and workmates with dreams of one day to do hair for a big scale screen production! Sarah is super sweet, social and caring and loves everything to do with connecting with people both digitally and in person. Sarah's passion lies in cutting and she's excited to be sitting her final exams early next year.


Apprentice In Training

Katya loves the friendly and bubbly studio environment at DNA and fits perfectly into the team, coming straight from college to join us. She is a fantastic all-rounder and says that style is a way to say who are without having to speak. As a wee one born in Picton, she hoped to be a photographer but now she has Hairdresser and Navy Officer on her career hitlist. She’s inspired by the strength of women in her family and is a total water baby. Our Katya is beautiful inside and out and we love her youthful enthusiasm.


Salon Assistant

As a kid, Debra’s dream was to find a job she loved, and she’s done exactly that. She made the move to hairdressing after a stint managing a cafe (where she became quite the whiz on the coffee machine) and hasn’t looked back. It’s the creativity and connection with clients she enjoys most, and her happy, bubbly and caring personality means she does this ridiculously well. To her, style means individuality and being comfortable in your own skin. She loves helping clients achieve this. Debra’s a big believer in following your dreams with inspiration coming from the many strong women in her life who’ve done just that. She’s super motivated, determined to do her best and loves soaking up as much knowledge as she can along the way.


Make Up Artist

Caron Shanks is the Makeup Artist at DNA Hairdressing. She has over 22 years experience in the beauty industry, having started out at Searles Allenton Pharmacy when she was 18 years old. After taking time off to have her two daughters, Caron purchased a YOUNGBLOOD franchise in November 2010 and commenced working with DNA Hairdressing. Caron has been trained in Almay, Max Factor, Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, Shiseido and YOUNGBLOOD Mineral Cosmetics and worked as a Counter Manager for both Revlon and Shiseido, achieving one of the Nation Wide Top Consultant Awards and Outstanding Achievement Award for Shiseido. She has also been involved with the charity Look Good Feel Better as a volunteer for the past five years and has recently been appointed as a tutor for the workshops. Look Good Feel Better is a programme that supports women and teens with cancer by teaching them how to counter the cosmetic effects of cancer treatments.